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hello, I'm Justin.

a product designer enabling the future of search and AI @ Instacart.


Hi! I'm a Senior Product Designer ll at Instacart and am currently on the search and AI team – building new experiences to enable customers to find the right item. Previously, I worked at Box as the growth & adoption designer. We were defining personalized experiences for our customers as they onboard into Box. I also worked at Procore as the designer for our mobile platform as well as the mobile and web design system team. Before joining Procore, I worked at Orases as a UX Designer working on a unique selection of enterprise products that allowed me to hone in my design process. I was also given the opportunity to work for Karsh/Hagan and Cactus, two Denver-based ad agencies as a design intern.

My passion comes from designing mobile products, but I have experience across web and windows platforms too. I love to think about the end-to-end workflow of how a customer interacts with a product and build a solution that solves their most crucial needs.

Check out my LinkedIn profile or email me if you want to chat!